Matt Damon doesn't have what it takes to be a spy in real life, but he can play one as Jason Bourne.
  • Led19Roses

    just heard that theres going to be a fourth movie and i checked up aparently Ludlem wrote 3 books but someone else continued the story even further .

  • Aron Tomori

    alta yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • ToriL90

    I'd love to see him pull a total Bruce Willis on us and be out there making action films when he's 52. ;)

  • Freya407

    Actually, I'm pretty sure Ludlum just wrote the first two. There are six books total at the moment. (anyone more Bourne-savvy correct me if I'm wrong)

  • whatshappening

    yay i cant wait i love the films

  • thedexterbros

    hi freya407, Ludlum wrote the first three books, someone named Eric Van Lustbader has written four more, I personally hate the Lustbader ones, they're not true to the style of the first three but Lustbader claims that he was working with the ideas that Ludlum suggested before he died - I don't believe that though, like in one of the lustbader books Bourne visits a Guru, (that's so lustbader not ludlum, lustbader writes alot of mystical works).

  • Led19Roses

    Me too the first three were great

  • metalcar

    yea we need bourne 2008 !

  • Kevin Mochi

    i always thought this guy looked like mark walberg

  • kiefer sutherland

    @MisssJ1972 so true!!! i mean i go back and watch old films all the time...and o can say that Matt stands as one of the greatest ever actors

  • walesspiritof76

    He is so hot !!!!!!!!!!

  • YuNg HaSaN

    Wrong, he is born to be a spy and is the best spy we have ever had except from Will Smith being in Enemy of the state. If not checked the movie out, CHECK IT!!! Awesome movie

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