Julia Stiles interview for the movie The Bourne Ultimatum

Chuck the Movieguy interviews Julia Stiles for the movie The Bourne Ultimatum
  • kiefer sutherland

    comes across as really smart a bit like matt himself - the casting for this film could not be any better!!!

  • NickWick86

    her teeth...turn on!

  • slackerjames

    "uh uh uh, talk to me Julia while I ask crappy questions and jizz in my pants"

  • ecaepevolhturt

    @rinjingan That only adds to her appeal. Who wants spoiled fruit?

  • Joe Normal

    mostly i like all female actors but I don't like her. She has this annoying worried look all the time in Dexter especially.

  • Carmarthan415

    this guy is just so irritating....

  • quesondriac

    I wish Julia would get a boob job.

  • SimonMiriamfan

    Beholder552 is a complete idiot. As if Julia gives a shit what you think - or me for that matter. Fact is this lady is HUGE with stage, silver screen and now Showtime Dexter to her repertoire. Get used to seeing her - she's here to stay and frankly I think she's as good an actress as I've seen EVER.

  • Sunnchilde

    I love Julia, but she doesn't have to boobs to be confused with Kirsten Dunst. Like Selma Blair is beautiful, but she certainly is not Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  • hjchen2005

    @8B6E5S2T yeah! not beautiful but HOT

  • Bluesky

    She's hot on this interview. She's grown older.

  • wrecker77

    wow she's beautiful and smart with a very nice voice!

  • Joel Goodson

    She's comes a long ways from the beginning of her career, where she was constantly cast as the girlfriend of negros.

  • 90AlmostFamous

    yup she totally has a niche !! be it romantic movie, action, drama, scifi, or tv series ... i'll watch them all

  • lordtufty

    @8B6E5S2T She was 10 years ago. Not now. Dunno what happened

  • phantomwaltz

    she sounds intelligent without being pretentious. love that ~

  • DAnTeS DaN

    SHE PLAYS HIM FROM THE START with the beer q . Smart girl.

  • Zer0tonin

    Correction: Super hot girl next door look.

  • Anthony

    she's the kind of actress whose career will never be "ruined" or "tarnished" no matter what she plays. Star Wars episode 4-6 would be a good example. The people who played Luke, Leia and Ben Kenobi, they were seen as the face of Star Wars and couldn't really act in other movies becuase of that.

  • BigFatCode

    She has a very deep voice!

  • Jared Garman

    I hate her she is the worst actor EVER the very first time I saw her on TV I read her like an open book and I could clearly see that she was just acting in a movie.

  • floopy312

    She has a beautiful smile.. I love her

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