Jason Bourne: The First 5 Minutes

Ten years after he exposed Blackbrier and disappeared, Bourne is about to get drawn back into the action.

Jason Bourne is available on Blu-ray and DVD from 28th November courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK).

Jason Bourne Review

Jason Bourne - Trailer

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  • AMK N

    Jason Bourne looks more like a psycho than an assassin.

  • twold4this

    The trilogy was boss! We'd seen it all in those 3. This certainly wasn't a bad film it was just 1 film too many. The Las Vegas scene was 'trying too hard' to outdo the previous 🎥 s car /motorbike chases + the plot was just tooooo contrived!! The best scene in the trilogy? As a Brit it has to be the London Waterloo Railway Station ( tangential - it is a railway station, not a train station - in my youth only munters called them train stations) scene.... Guardian newspaper reporter etc, damn fine cinema!

  • Brian Maus

    The first five minutes is all you need to see; cause the rest is horrible

  • john adams

    When will Hollywood get real? If you fire a handgun in a restricted area, you will be deaf for about a week.

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